Armstrong Headgear Company

 Armstrong Headgear Company Exploration Paper

The Business Condition

Armstrong Motorcycle helmet Company makes a unique type of bicycle headgear. The company started operations January 1, 2013. Its scrivener quit the other week of operations, plus the company is usually searching for a replacement. The company features decided to test out the knowledge and ability of most candidates interviewing for the position. Each prospect will be furnished with the information below and then asked to prepare a series of reports, schedules, budgets, and recommendations based on that info. The information provided to each applicant is as follows.

Cost Products and Accounts Balances

Administrative salaries $15, 500

Promoting for helmets 11, 500

Cash, January 1 –0–

Depreciation on factory building 1, five-hundred

Depreciation upon office tools 800

Insurance on manufacturer building you, 500

Miscellaneous expenses—factory one particular, 000

Office supplies charge 300

Professional fees five-hundred

Property fees on stock building 4 hundred

Raw materials applied 70, 1000

Rent on production tools 6, 500

Research and development 15, 000

Product sales commissions 40, 000

Utility costs—factory nine hundred

Wages—factory seventy, 000

Work in process, December 1 –0–

Work in process, December thirty-one –0–

Recycleables inventory, December 1 –0–

Raw materials inventory, December 23 –0–

Raw material purchases 70, 000

Finished items inventory, Dec 1 –0–


CA-28 case several Cases to get Management Decision-Making

Production and Sales Info

Number of helmets produced 10, 000

Anticipated sales in units for December

($40 unit sales price) 8, 500

Expected revenue in units for January 10, 1000

Desired finishing inventory 20% of up coming month's revenue

Direct components per completed unit one particular kilogram

Immediate materials cost $7 every kilogram

Immediate labor hours per device. 35

Immediate labor on an hourly basis rate 20 dollars

Cash Flow Info

Cash choices from buyers: 75% in month of sale and 25% the next month. Cash payments to suppliers: 75% in month of order and 25% the following month. Income...



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