Epidemiology COH 13 public health

 Epidemiology COH 13 public health Essay

п»їEpidemiology COH 13

Public welfare Then now

Innovations in Health Care: Antisepsis as a Case Study by Elaine Larson, RN, PhD. 1 ) Trace the Historical advancement the Concept and Practice of Asepsis? A Hungarian obstetrician, recognized the value of person-to-person transmission of infectious real estate agents and effected dramatic reductions in puerperal mortality simply by requiring antiseptic hand cleaning. Lister, a Scottish doctor, was the first physician to use the bacteria theory to clinical practice and created the approaches of antiseptic surgery and wound treatment, resulting in dramatic reductions in surgical mortality. Nightingale, an english nurse leading sanitary reforms in hostipal wards, schools, and military camps in England and abroad, with some high degrees of environmental and private hygiene. These reforms were succeeded simply by dramatic reductions in mortality.

2 . What is the concept of Hygiene and Antisepsis?

3. The thing that was the cause of Puerperal Fever?

Puerperal fever was cause by group A streptococcus.

3. Who were affected? Expecting mothers who died in having a baby.

4 What were the symptoms of the disease?

Symptoms of the disease were shivering, excessive perspiration and severe soreness in the abdomen, rapid pulse also a feeling of dilemma and the epidermis was dried and warm. 5 What sign from the disease had been identify at autopsy?

The signs discovered were profound sepsis, marcia and extravasated serum the cavity from the abdomen, and a yellow fetid alcohol mixed with pus were present in the tooth cavity of the stomach and pelvis. 6 Who have purported the germ theory and what did this individual say?

six How did Charles White deal with Puerperal Fever?

Started disinfecting wards with chlorine gas and chloride of lime. almost eight What was the idea of Puerperal Fever?

It had been believed that puerperal Fever was in the nature of things and to large lengthen beyond the control of the medical profession. It also believed to have been cause by the women's behavior. on the lookout for Which sufferers were very likely to get...



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