How to Build a Topic Map?

 How to Build a Topic Map? Essay

Topic roadmaps are a fresh ISO regular for conveying knowledge structures and associating them with details resources. As a result they comprise an enabling technology intended for knowledge supervision. Dubbed " the GPS UNIT of the information universe", subject maps are usually destined to provide powerful new ways of navigating large and interconnected corpora.

While it is possible to symbolize immensely complex structures using topic roadmaps, the basic ideas of the version В— Issues, Associations, and Occurrences (TAO) В— are easily grasped. This kind of paper gives a nontechnical summary of these and also other concepts (the IFS and BUTS of topic maps), relating them to things which might be familiar to any or all of us in the realms of publishing and information supervision, and attempting to convey several idea of the uses that topic roadmaps will be put in the future.[1]

Be aware

The initial version of the paper was published in June 2k and thus predates the development of XTM (XML Theme Maps). The goal of XTM was to adapt the subject map common (ISO 13250) for use with XML and the Net. XTM offers an alternative, XML-based syntax for expressing subject maps and in addition clarifies certain concepts, especially those relating to subject matter identity.

Since this conventional paper deliberately prevents syntactical issues, the fact there are now two standard interchange syntaxes for topic maps (HyTM and XTM) is not a problem. Nevertheless , doing proper rights to the logic of ideas would demand a substantial re-doing of the newspaper. While this kind of updated version includes certain slight amendments to reflect adjustments due to XTM, readers should try to consult [XTM 1 ) 0] to get the full picture, paying particular focus on the notion of subject signals, and the distinction between addressable and non-addressable subjects.

If the principles described from this paper change you in, look for ideas to further browsing at [Ontopia 2002]. To see subject maps for, try out the web demo of Ontopia's Omnigator, a general topic map browser. If you find that interesting, download the free edition of the Omnigator and give it a try with your own theme maps.

1 . Intro

Someone when said that " a book with no index is like a country without a map".

However interesting and useful the experience of driving a car from Point-to-point without a map might be in its own correct, there can be without doubt that when the goal is to arrive at their destination immediately (or in least without undue delay), some kind of a map is definitely indispensable.

Similarly, if you are searching for a particular item of information in a book (as opposed to taking pleasure in the experience of studying it via cover to cover), a fantastic index can be an enormous asset. The traditional back-of-book index can be likened to a properly researched and hand-crafted map, and the job of the indexer, as Lewis Bonura describes [Bonura 1994], " to data[ing] the matters of the document and [presenting] a succinct and accurate map pertaining to readers. "

In Troilus and Cressida William shakespeare used a different sort of metaphor:

And in this sort of indexes (although small pricks

To their future volumes) there is certainly seen

The baby figure in the giant mass

Of things to come in particular

but likewise here you will find the same sense of the index replicating, in miniature, the structures of its subject, in order to provide a more manageable watch of the whole.

Most likely it isn't amazing that William shakespeare chose never to use the map metaphor. In fact, the art of cartography was still a relatively new invention in his period... and so too were communications. Today the problem is quite diverse, the absolute speed of modern communications makes accurate and advanced umschlusselung techniques of major importance. One answer to this problem worldwide of transport is the GPS (Global Placing System). The answer in the realm of publishing and information management is the fresh international standard, Topic Roadmaps [ISO 13250].

Up until now there is no comparative of the...

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