Level of privacy and The younger generation

 Essay in Privacy and Young People

2 . 54 The town of Philadelphia requires Global positioning system unit in all taxicabs. Is a government requirement for a tracking system for private taxicabs an affordable public safety precautions or a great unreasonable intrusion on the level of privacy of individuals and travellers? Identify a lot of differences between such a government need and a taxicabs organization choosing to set up GPS system in the cabs? Is actually more offensive than other? How come? * Certainly its even more objectionable than any other because of GPS NAVIGATION they can locate the route that passenger would like to go and in addition they can find many ways going to that route mainly because GPS could also give path on a particular destinations and in addition it can examine some targeted traffic reports in addition to the same time GPS NAVIGATION is also sensible for open public safety measures because it helps the taxicabs businesses to provide the safety of the drivers and passengers too by simply tracking all of them, for the organization they can conveniently respond if ever have a problems such as an accidents, or someone that took the taxicabs the company can find the taxi easily and recovered their very own taxies. Could possibly be that's also the reason why govt required the taxi firm to install GPS NAVIGATION on their taxies may be as the government likewise wants the safety of the passengers and the motorists. And maybe the federal government find out that installing GPS NAVIGATION helps those to lessen the crime in the road and easily recover the stolen autos or taxies. And they also find that the GPS UNIT fits monitoring of vehicles they want to always be and that GPS helps a whole lot for them. GPS can help a whole lot and this could hardly be used in unreasonable intrusion of others privateness. 2 . fifty five Do teenagers today look at privacy differently from the past generation? Discuss the suggestions raised at the end of section 2 . a few. 4 2. Yes the young people today are different compared to the young people for the past era are very very sensitive and concerned of their information. Those in an outdated generation not really doing such things like signing up in a web or social networking sites like fb,...



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