The Impact of Obesity on the American Overall economy.

 Essay within the Impact of Obesity for the American Economic climate.

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The Impact of Obesity around the American overall economy.

January 26, 2013


Overweight has slowly grown to a global epidemic over the past decades. More than two-thirds of adults in the United States (US) are obese with a third obese. The goal of this study will be to lay out an overview with the effect of obesity on the US economy with the national level. I will be explaining three kinds of economic effect that are linked to the obesity problem in the United States: transport costs, medical costs and productivity costs. I will analyze each in return and check out the possibilities of what research is needed to close the distance of the worsening effects of overweight on the ALL OF US economy. Studies have identified substantial economic affects of weight problems on the overall economy in all the areas I determined although a far more comprehensive expense analysis remains to be to be discovered. The impending doom to the US economy as a result of obesity can be something that should be seriously considered and serious plan engagements have to be considered. Constant research has to keep until a remedy is arrived at.


Unhealthy weight has slowly become a global epidemic. Nearly six hundred million individuals were overweight throughout the world in 2008. The rate of obesity features doubled in the usa since the 1971s to over 30%, with more than two-thirds of Americans today obese. This kind of staggering revelation cannot be pinned to a common cause but rather a plethora of elements is responsible. This daily news will provide an assessment research within the likely impact of unhealthy weight on the American economy. We searched through Davenport University's online selection for articles or blog posts that dealt with the economical impact of obesity and identified 3 broad areas: transportation costs, medical costs and efficiency costs. I looked at each aspect tightly and identify areas for future research.

Production costs

The consequences of obesity in...

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